Friday, 23 May 2014

Botox - A boon or curse for human body?

Botox is a type of a drug formed by the Botulinum toxin, a bacterium. Botox is used for medical purposes, sometimes used in the treatment of muscular problems and also helps to get rid of wrinkles through paralyzing some muscles.

How does Botox work?

We all have heard about botox. But how does Botox works?  it works in two ways, first the Acetylcholine which contracts the muscles get blocks and the steadiness of drag in and drag out of the muscles of the face is done by particularly injecting Botox into the accurate muscles. This provides soften appearance to facial wrinkles through domineering the contraction of the facial muscles. Secondly, it does not allow the configuration of new wrinkles through reducing the dragging of the muscles on the skin. Within two weeks Botox shows its effects and after daily schedule of injections its output will be seen and it will remain for longer period of time.
How Does Botox Work

Botox should be injected only by experienced doctors .Botox can be injected again with the return of wrinkles on the face. One can inject this Botox with no fear of the number of limits of the injections, but the body’s can develop antibodies against the Botox molecule which could deliver ineffectiveness in future.
There is no need to worry if you cannot go for regular injections, because in this condition the muscle movements will return to its real state. The use of Botox can be stopped anytime and will have no bad effect except the arrival of the original wrinkles

What is Botox injection?

 To know what is Botox injection, we first need to know that what the injections available in the market today are. Botulinum toxin type A (Botox cosmetic) is kind of a protein created by a bacterium clostridium Botulinum; it has those toxins that cause food poisoning. It is uncomplicated and surgical process in which a person is given a small quantity of doses of a natural protein into particular muscles and prevents retrenchment. Boxton has its special effects straight on the muscle where it is injected. It can be also injected into more than one part of human bod.

Botox is in used from many years by the doctors. It was first used for strabismus (lazy eye) and for cervical dystopia .They work by paralyzing some muscles. Its effects get over by three to twelve months after the treatment .it has some side effects too which includes swelling, severe pain, flu, stomach problems and bruise
Botulinum toxin is a great essence of poisonous for any man. According to the scientists a piece of gram can kill millions of people and a small amount of kilos can vanish the entire human species. If Botulinum toxin taken in large amount, it can cause severe illness which can take away anybody’ life. Botulism, if not treated on time can tear down the respiratory and can results in death. It is a prescribed drug suggested by a physician.
When its dose is taken frequently it can be a successful therapeutic protein.
Other uses are:
Can be used to make your face thinner
Can help you to reduce aging looks of the neck region
Helps in the treatment of strabismus

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